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Guide to MEDIVA Project Bibliography Database

Welcome to MEDIVA Project Bibliography Database.

Click the menu link on the left MEDIVA Bibliography Database will open the Listing page. Clicking the publication Title or "Abstract" in small letters at the end will open the individual entry page.

There are links to the Authors and Keywords listings pages in the navigation panel. Click on the Author's name will list the publications involving the selected author, as the author or editor. Click on a keyword in the Keywords page will list the publications classified with the selected MEDIVA Keyword.

There is a "tab" Filter near the top of the main bibliography listing page, just under the headline banner blue stripe. There (click the tab to open the filter page), you can filter the entries by Author, Type, Year and Keyword. Click the Radio Button on the left and select category from the corresponding drop-down list on the right.
Note on the Filter page: the Term is not used, so the Term list is empty.

You can also access the entries from other pages listed in the navigation panel on the left. Again there, clicking the entry Title will open the individual entry page.

You may leave a message to the MEDIVA Project Coordinating Team using the Contact Form - the link is in the navigation panel. If you would like to suggest a new study for the bibliography (please note that only studies from 2000 on are examined in the MEDIVA bibliography) please include the following information:
* Type of the Publication (i.e. Book, Book Chapter, Journal Article, Report, etc)
* Year of the Publication
* Country and Language
* Title of the article (in English, and in Original Language if applicable)
* Title of the book/journal etc (if applicable)
* Author(s) * Editor(s), Translator etc if applicable
* Publisher and Location, pagenations, chapter number etc per usual bibliography
* main issues/ theories described, media genres described
* Reason why you think it should be added to our database

Thank you.