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When 'Us' Meet 'Them': Representations and Reception of Muslim Women in the Flemish documentary "Moslima's"

TitleWhen 'Us' Meet 'Them': Representations and Reception of Muslim Women in the Flemish documentary "Moslima's"
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Original Title Als ‘wij’ en ‘zij’ elkaar ontmoeten via televisieframes. Beeldvorming van moslimvrouwen in en door Moslima’s
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBroos, D., and H. van den Bulck
PublisherAcademia Press
Place PublishedGhent, Belgium
1) Abstract

This chapter describes a study where content analysis is combined with reception research to investigate the way in which the representation of Muslim women on Flemish television is interpreted by Flemish as well as Muslim women. The case study focuses on a four-part documentary on Muslim women broadcasted by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, entitled ‘Moslima’s’. The four parts of this documentary were broadcast on Sunday evening at 10.30 pm in 2007.

2.1) Publication LanguageDutch
2.2) Type & Structure

- explanation of the construction of collective identities in society
- description of former research on media and representation of ‘the other’
- methodology: framing, qualitative content analysis of the documentary ‘Moslima’s’ & qualitative reception analysis based on focus interviews with authentic Flemish as well as Muslim women living in Flanders.
- results on framing Muslim women in Flanders and on the reception analysis
- concluding note

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

The series ‘Moslima’s’ is dominated by a ‘we vs them’ frame: an ingroup is placed against an outgroup based on religious differences. The Muslim women that are interviewed explicitly regret this contradiction. They prefer a focus on the similarities, not on the differences. They feel Flemish, as well as Muslim. Also, Flemish women who have a lot of contact with Muslim women are more critical towards the program than Flemish women who don’t know much about the Islamic

3.2) Media


3.3) Media Genres

four-part documentary

3.4) Key Theories


KeywordsBelgium, content, representation
TagsMuslim women, reception analysis