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Radio France Internationale, Professional Code of Ethics

TitleRadio France Internationale, Professional Code of Ethics
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Original TitleCharte de deontologie de RFI
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsCopin, N.
Pagination1-6 pages
PublisherRadio France Internationale
Place PublishedParis
Type of WorkCode of ethics
1) Abstract

This code of ethics (charter) was written by the first company mediator, and covers all areas of ethical conduct in a radio station which broadcasts mainly abroad.

2.1) Publication LanguageFrench
2.2) Type & Structure

Code of ethics (charter)

- definition of the role of mediator
- need for a charter specific to RFI (code of ethics)
- general principles:
Respect of truth and facts
Respect of people/subjects of the news
Respect of the audience
- RFI mission statement
- Exceptional situations

3.1) Main Issues

Radio France International is a public radio station which broadcasts mostly abroad, in a range of countries, and as such the subject matter of the broadcasts is often news of interest to the local populations. This charter covers a number of issues of ethics of journalism, from truth to respect of people, both as subjects and audiences. Two particular items are of interest in matters of diversity. In the section on “respect of people/subjects of the news” , the last item states that journalists should:

endeavour to understand and explain diverse cultural sensibilities, including those of minorities, in order to better explain and increase awareness of discourses and actions. (p. 3)

  • endeavour to know the audience as well as possible, know the situation in the country, the traditions, the culture
  • do not unnecessarily offend their sensibilities and convictions (p.3)
  • Concerning people we talk about or people we talk to, it is always best to refer to the Universal declaration of human rights, which states that human beings are born equal not only in rights, but also in dignity (p.3)

    3.3) Media Genres


    4.1) Relevance

    Relevant in parts, as the code of ethics also concerns issues of diversity

    Keywordscode of ethics/ conduct/ practice, France