Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Multicultural Drama? Popular Dutch TV drama, Youth and Ethnicity

TitleMulticultural Drama? Popular Dutch TV drama, Youth and Ethnicity
Publication TypeBook
Original TitleMulticultureel drama? Populair Nederlands televisiedrama, jeugd en etniciteit
Year of Publication2005
Authorsde Bruin, J.
PublisherOtto Cramwinckel
Place PublishedAmsterdam
Type of Workbook resulting from a dissertation
1) Abstract

This study poses the question which role Dutch TV drama plays in the identity construction of youth of different ethnic backgrounds. An important conclusion is that ethnic origin of youth has little relevance for their media use and experiences. The representations in TV drama are summarized in 4 frames in the series: the problem frame, the fun frame, the adult frame and the development frame. Ethnicity is represented using the exotic frame, the complex frame, the assimilation frame and the discrimination frame.

2.1) Publication LanguageDutch
2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

The analysis of TV drama is placed on 4 levels: the characters, the relations between characters, place of the character in the community, and the story line. These together form the frames, by which the characters are given meaning that cannot be detached from societal relations, and the ways in which culture is an expression of unequal power relations.

3.2) Media

360 transmissions of 5 different youth soaps, 90 transmissions of 3 different police series and 85 transmissions of 3 different comedy series and 10 transmissions of the youth series Costa.

3.3) Media Genres

TV drama: soaps, police series, comedy series, youth drama

3.4) Key Theories

Cultural studies approach to popular culture in everyday life of youth. Identity construction through articulation of representations (in TV drama) and interpretations. Frame analysis of tv drama. Focus group interviews with em youth.

4.1) Relevance

The interpretations of TV drama by ethnic youth and the way in which this interacts with their evaluations of their position in society. Relevant because of the way in which mediva seeks to link media with migrant integration, and also because of the focus on TV drama, which is not so common in CA of media.

Keywordscontent, discourse, Netherlands
Tagsethnicity, frame analysis, TV drama, youth