Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Multicultural Dimension of Press, TV and Radio in Italy

TitleMulticultural Dimension of Press, TV and Radio in Italy
Publication TypeReport
Original TitleL’offerta multiculturale nella stampa, tv e radio in Italia
Year of Publication2002
Pagination93 pages
Date Published03/2002
Place PublishedFlorence, Italy
1) Abstract

The report is part of the activities within the framework of the 'Tuning into Diversity' project and is one of the first attempts to present a nation-wide overview of the media specifically aimed at migrants or produced by migrants in Italy.

2.1) Publication LanguageItalian
2.2) Type & Structure

The report consists of the theretical and methodological introduction followed by the description of the main findings of the research (pp.1-33).The results of the nation-wide survey of existing multicultural media initiatives were analysed qualitatively and quantitatively and are presented in the rest of the report in the form of tables (geographical distribution of printed and broadcasting products, local v.national diffusion, past and present initiatives, periodicity of output, characteristics of the personnel employed (or participating voluntarily)in the production of multicultural media products)and descriptive schemes containing nearly exhaustive information on the initiative in question (name, founders or promoters, geographical distribution, time slots, periodicity, duration, period within which the initiative was carried out, language, etc).

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.2) Media

Press, TV, radio

3.4) Key Theories

The reports maps out the sources of information and products directed at or managed by migrants. To achieve this the research was divided into two distinct phases:
survey of existing initiatives on a nation-wide scale was carried out: questionnaires were sent to all broadcasting and print media outlets which declared in their statutory documents that they have produced or are producing programmes, printed matter for or with the participation of migrants;
national workshops were organised to bring together media professionals and proponents of media products of and for migrants

Keywordsdiversity, diversity policies, diversity practices, migrants' integration
TagsItaly, multicultural media, Italy