Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Migrants in the Dutch Daily Press: a Comparative Research

TitleMigrants in the Dutch Daily Press: a Comparative Research
Publication TypeThesis
Original TitleAllochtonen in de Nederlandse dagbladpers: een vergelijkend onderzoek
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDekkers, M.
Place PublishedUniversity of Tilburg: Faculty Communication and Culture
1) Abstract

This master thesis compared 3 daily newspapers coverage of migrants’issues during one month in 2006. The study shows that the popular newspaper De Telegraaf (with the largest readership) had the most negative coverage, whether that of the two quality newspapers was predominantly neutral or positive. De Telegraaf follows more the perspective of ordinary citizens (by publishing letters and opinion articles), Trouw that of experts, and de Volkskrant that of political leaders. De Volkskrant attributed most news value to migrants’ issues as it was the only newspaper to frequently publish reportson the frontpage or third page. DT treated crime mostly, Trouw focused on residence rights and DV on elections.

3.1) Main Issues

Migrants did not appear frequently as quoted actors in the news. Differences between the newspapers analysed confirm the usual distinction between popular/tabloid and quality press (focus on crime and negative news in the former, focus on institutional sources and background reports or experts in the latter).

3.3) Media Genres

3 dailies: De Telegraaf, Trouw, de Volkskrant were analysed during the month of March 2006.
Popular and quality daily newspapers, all genres of news articles (factual reports, interviews, letters, editorials, opinion articles).

3.4) Key Theories

Quantitative content analysis of reports, their genres, their contents, actor representations and the use of photo’s and balanced reporting. Comparison of proportion of good neutral and bad news in the dailies.

Keywordscontent, Netherlands
Tagspress, Islam, Muslim women