Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Media Discourse and the New German Immigration Law

TitleMedia Discourse and the New German Immigration Law
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBauder, H.
Journal TitleJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Type of WorkMonographic journal article
1) Abstract

The article summarises research on the content analysis of articles from five German newspapers during the period between 2001 and 2005 about a new immigration law that was being debated and introduced in Germany. The paper looks at argumentation strategies and highlights the major topoi used in the articles. The results are then looked at thematically and temporally.

2.1) Publication LanguageEnglish
2.2) Type & Structure

17 pages
Introduction followed by three sections and a final concluding discussion section

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

The paper reveals that the four most frequent topoi were 1) economic utility, 2) danger, 3) culture and 4) humanitarian. Of these, the economic topos was deployed most frequently in positively. The most frequent topoi were also the most strongly argued. Media coverage of immigration law changed according to political processes and external events such as the Madrid bombings.

3.2) Media

The sample was taken from five German newspapers: four local and one regional. The time period was between 4 July 2001 to 10 August 2005. 4 newspapers were searched electronically for the search term ‘immigration law’. The remaining newspaper was searched manually. The final sample of 609 included articles containing the search phrase three or more times (two or more for the regional paper)

3.3) Media Genres

Newspaper articles

3.4) Key Theories

The paper uses argumentation analysis. Topoi were assigned to the text passages and then a qualitative analysis of the topoi was undertaken. This was followed by a quantative analysis of topos deployment over time

4.1) Relevance

Low relevance to MEDIVA indicators as the data is not specific enough to show which media outlets were more positive or negative towards integration and diversity.

Keywordscontent, discourse, discrimination, Germany, language, representation
TagsGermany, Immigration Law, Topos