Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Media and Immigration: Report on the European Week of Media Monitoring in Italy (24-30 November 2003)

TitleMedia and Immigration: Report on the European Week of Media Monitoring in Italy (24-30 November 2003)
Publication TypeReport
Original TitleMedia e immigrazione: Rapporto sulla Settimana Europea di Monitoraggio dei Media in Italia (24 – 30 novembre 2003)
Year of Publication2003
Pagination30 pages
Place PublishedFlorence, Italy
1) Abstract

The report presents the elaboration of the data gathered during the European Week of Media Monitoring in Italy. Local newspapers and regional TV programmes in seven Italian regions were analyzed to reveal to what extent media promote public dialogue about representation of migrants in the media and empower multicultural audiences.

2.1) Publication LanguageItalian
2.2) Type & Structure

2.A note on methodology.
3.Press and Immigration. 212 articles related to the topics of immigration and multicultural society are analysed (typology of the piece (article, brief, interview, etc.); the topic covered (violence, crimes, clandestine immigration, immigration control, integration, etc.); thematic sections the articles are placed in (politics, culture, etc.); tones used in articles (neutral, alarming, dramatic, pitiful), contribution of the article to the portrayal of the multicultural society.
4.TV and Immigration. 42 TV programmes are examined (the space information on and for migrants is given, tones of presentation, consistency between text and images, contribution to to the portrayal of the multicultural society)
5.Titles and terminology. Discusses th extent to which newspaper headlines and programme names, together with the terminology used with regard to migrants contribute to or create ostacles in promoting multiculturalism.
Appendix. Contains questionnaires used to obtain the data.

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.2) Media

Press, TV

4.1) Relevance

Appendix contains the questionnaire which can be of some use.

Keywordsdiscourse, Italy, language, migration news, news format, news themes