Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Media and Cultural Diversity in Europe and North America

TitleMedia and Cultural Diversity in Europe and North America
Publication TypeEdited Book
CountryFrance, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, USA
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBlion, R., M. J. Campion, S. Dilli, C. Frachon, A. G. Hargreaves, M. Georgiou, C. Humblot, J. - W. Joo, K. Notzold, and I. Rigoni
EditorsFrachon, C., and V. Sassoon
Place PublishedParis
Type of WorkEdited book
1) Abstract

The book presents a state-of-the-art survey of what is known about the media and cultural diversity in several West European countries together with Canada and the US, and offers a forward-looking view of the complex relationship between the media, public opinion and institutional actors during the past 20 years. Media policies and practices vary significantly between countries. Compared with Britain, for example, the media in France, has been slow to embrace the nation's cultural diversity, though this has been changing in recent years. Written by an international, multi-disciplinary team of authors, this five-nation study draws on the work of researchers, journalists and activists in Europe and North America to explore the complex web of historical, institutional and other factors shaping media responses to cultural diversity.

2.1) Publication LanguageEnglish and French
2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

Media response to the challenges of cultural diversity in countries such as France, Britain, Germany, the United Statesand Canada, each of which is home to a large immigrant populations; innovative actions and best practices; the role played by public and private instututions, and the civil society.

3.3) Media Genres

TV; newspapers; radio

4.1) Relevance

relevant to all MEDIVA indicators

KeywordsCanada, diversity, diversity policies, diversity practices, equality, France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA
Tagsmedia diversity, Europe, North America