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Interculturalism in Irish Public Service Broadcasting. RTE and the New Irish

TitleInterculturalism in Irish Public Service Broadcasting. RTE and the New Irish
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLehane, B.
Pagination65 pages
PublisherLambert Academic Publishing
Place PublishedSaarbrücken, Germany
Type of WorkBook
1) Abstract

The book examines the current state of interculturalism in Irish public service broadcasting. In this context it analyses RTE's "commitmentment to interculturalism", an unpublished internal document from 2007, and the broadcaster's plan to transform the organisation and its output to better reflect diversity and integration. On the basis of 11 interviews with senior RTE staff and New Nationals the author discusses the exsisting spectrum of opinion on the issue as well as potential barriers to change.

2.1) Publication LanguageEnglish
2.2) Type & Structure

- Introduction/ context and background of Irish public service broadcasting, RTE and interculturalism
- New Nationals and Irish broadcasting
- The history of dedicated programming
- Mainstreaming
- New national personnel
- The role of the internet
- External projects
- Conclusion

2.3) Original Research or Not

Yes, Interviews with RTE personnel and New Nationals

3.1) Main Issues

Commitment to Interculturalism (2007), RTE commits to:
- equality legislation
- content to present diversity
- avoid negative representations of New Nationals
- hiring of New Nationals as staff on all levels (cultural diverse workforce)
- promote awareness and positive attitude towards interculturalism
- intercultural training
- recognise new audiences
- evaluation/ monitoring of policy implementations (executive board responsible)

Other issues:
- Review of RTE's intercultural programming (Mono, No place like home, Spectrum etc)
- Integration of intercultural issues into mainstreaming
- Possibilities for employment of intercultural staff (in front and behind cameras/ microphones)
- Capacity of Internet as third media channel to supply intercultural content
- RTE's involvement with external intercultural projects (Festival of World Cultures/ Media and Multicultural

3.2) Media

Public Service Broadcasting (RTE TV and Radio)

3.3) Media Genres


3.4) Key Theories

Key theories: N/A

Qualitative interviews

4.1) Relevance

Strong relevance

Keywordsdiversity, diversity policies, diversity practices, equality, equality policies, equality practices, in-house training, Ireland, migrants' integration, news programme production practices, policy papers, professional development
TagsRTE, Organisation's principles, Recruitment and employment practices, HR, interviews of senior staff