Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Intercultural Communication: Analysis and Reflections on Migrant Media in Italy and Italian Media Abroad

TitleIntercultural Communication: Analysis and Reflections on Migrant Media in Italy and Italian Media Abroad
Publication TypeReport
Original TitleLa comunicazione interculturale: indagine e riflessioni sulla stampa di immigrazione in Italia e sulla stampa italiana all’estero
Year of Publication2004
PaginationPart I: 200 pages; Part II:114 pages
Date Published03/2004
PublisherNational Council of Economy and Labour, National Coordinative Body of Policies of Social Integration of Foreigners
Place PublishedRome, Italy
1) Abstract

The report is dedicated to the discussion of the phenomenon of intercultural communication in Italy, and specific aspects of the presence and role of the media run by and for migrants, the rights and obligations of migrants but also the rights to access, pluralism, visibility and, finally, democracy and the role the media play in provision of such rights.

2.1) Publication LanguageItalian
2.2) Type & Structure

The report consists of two parts providing a first comprehensive, though not exhaustive survey of the presence of print and broadcasting media for migrants and run by migrants in Italy (Part I) and challenges and perspectives of the Italian media abroad (Part II). Analysis is carried out with respect to print and broadcasting media within which three groups of media outlets are identified and assessed: media outlets run by migrants and addressed to migrants; media outlets run by Italians (with a greater or lesser involvement of migrants in the production) and addressed to both migrants and Italians; media outlets run by Italians and addressed to Italians.

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

Presence of migrants in the mainstream media, audiences to which products of multicultural media are addressed, themes covered by both media run by and for migrants, geographical distribution.

3.2) Media

Print and broadcasting (radio and television), partly Internet

KeywordsItaly, migration news, news programme production practices, news themes
Tagsintercultural communication