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Informal Labour Market Governance: the Case of the British and German Media Production Industries

TitleInformal Labour Market Governance: the Case of the British and German Media Production Industries
Publication TypeJournal Article
CountryUnited Kingdom, Germany
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBaumann, A.
Journal TitleWork, Employment and Society
PublisherSAGE on behalf of the British Sociological Association
Place PublishedLondon
Type of Workjournal article
1) Abstract

This article is concerned with the recruitment patterns in the occupational labour markets (OLM) of the media production industries of the UK and Germany. It is argued that, in the absence of manifest labour market institutions such as apprenticeships or skill certificates, which traditionally safeguard OLM recruitment pattens, the use of intermediaries and restriction of access will take over as informal mechanisms for governing the labour market. Labour market data from interviews with media firms in Germany and the UK, and from surveys with British and German media professionals, are used in order to test this hypothesis.

2.1) Publication LanguageEnglish
2.2) Type & Structure

-The media production industries of the UK and Germany
-Labour markets and social mechanisms
-Labour market transactions in the German and British media production industry

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

The paper analyses the role of informality and reliance on personal contacts as ways of communicating qualifications and finding work in the media industry.

3.2) Media

The data on recruitment patters of media firms consist of structured personal interviews with production companies and broadcasters in Germany ad the UK. In each of the two countries, the sample was made up of 20 firms that are representative for the industry in terms of size and activity. The interviews were conducted in the period July to November 1999.

3.3) Media Genres


3.4) Key Theories

Standard institutional labour market theory

4.1) Relevance

It is highly relevant to the issue of employment practices and media recruitment.

KeywordsGermany, recruitment (word of mouth), recruitment procedures, United Kingdom
Tagsemployment practices, labour market strategies, residual recruitment channels, use of intermediaries