Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

Freedom of Press and Racial Discrimination

TitleFreedom of Press and Racial Discrimination
Publication TypeReport
Original TitleLiberta’ di stampa e discriminazione razziale
Year of Publication2003
Pagination44 pages
Date Published03/2003
Place PublishedFlorence, Italy
1) Abstract

Part of the Tuning in to Diversity project this publication provides an overview of the Italian legislation with regard to the place it accords to foreigners wishing to pursue a journalistic profession in Italy. It further analyzes the role of codes of conduct in Italy.

2.1) Publication LanguageItalian
2.2) Type & Structure

The report consists of seven parts dealing with different aspects of the Italian legislature regarding freedom of expression generally, and media diversity, in particular, and their practical implementation (on the example of the RAI, major radio and television company), access to the journalistic profession of foreigners in Italy, and examples of good practices (news agency Anbamed, radio Popolare, etc.). The main text is supplemented by an appendix containing a list of excepts from major legislative acts in the media sector, the Declaration of Commitment to Information 'In Colours'; Recommendations on the Provision of Non-Racial Information.

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

Legal aspects of the media sector and access of foreigners to journalistic profession in Italy

3.2) Media

Primarily radio and television

4.1) Relevance

Of relevance maybe the recommendations in the appendix

Keywordscode of ethics/ conduct/ practice, freedom of expression, Italy, recruitment
Tagsmedia legislation, access to journalistic profession