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Colorful or Black and White Television? A Study on Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Flemish Television News

TitleColorful or Black and White Television? A Study on Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Flemish Television News
Publication TypeReport
Original TitleGekleurd beeld of zwart-wit televisie? Een onderzoek naar de representatie van etnische minderheden in het Vlaamse televisienieuws
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBroos, D., and H. van den Bulck
PublisherUniversity of Antwerp, Department of Communication Science
Place PublishedAntwerp, Belgium
1) Abstract

A group of students Communication Science were instructed to analyze the way in which ethnic minorities were represented in the Flemish television news. The evening news broadcasts from two Belgian television channels (the commercial vtm & public broadcaster één) during the period 2003-2007 were analyzed, including sports news.

2.1) Publication LanguageDutch
2.2) Type & Structure

- Introduction
- Theoretical framework (concepts, representations, media effect theories, participation of TCN in the media, sport reporting on TCN)
- Definition of the problem
- Methodology (quantitative content analysis, in-depth interviews, debate)
- Results
- Final remark

2.3) Original Research or Not


3.1) Main Issues

representation of ethnic minorities in Flemish television news, focus on the relation between ethnic minorities and certain topics (crime (offender or victim), politics, sports). Main results: Issues on ethnic minorities are often related with crime incidents: one out of five persons with an ethnic minority background are represented as victim, while at least one out of three is represented as crime suspect. In a quarter of the analysed news reports, the ethnicity of the actor is mentioned. This percentage is even higher in sports news coverage.

3.2) Media


3.3) Media Genres

news broadcast

3.4) Key Theories

media effect theories (cultivation theory, perceived reality).Several hypotheses on representation, reporting on ethnicity, us/them perspective, spokespersons, etc were tested.

4.1) Relevance

comprehensive research on the representation of ethnic minorities in television news

KeywordsBelgium, content, representation