Media for Diversity and Migrant Integration

ARD Guideliens 2011/2012 - Report of the ARD about their Performance in Relation to their Misson, about the Quality and Quantity of their Programming as well Intended Focuses

TitleARD Guideliens 2011/2012 - Report of the ARD about their Performance in Relation to their Misson, about the Quality and Quantity of their Programming as well Intended Focuses
Publication TypeGuidelines/Handbooks
Original TitleARD Bericht und Leitlinien 2011/ 2012 - Bericht der ARD über die Erfüllung ihres Auftrags, über die Qualität und Quantität ihrer Angebote und Programme sowie über die geplanten Schwerpunkte
Year of Publication2010
Pagination130 pages
PublisherProgrammdirektion Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen Presse und Information
Place Publishedonline (last accessed 22.07.2011)
Type of WorkGuideline/ report of performance
1) Abstract

Report of performance for 2009/ 2010 and outline of new guidelines for coming years 2011/ 2012 for the programming and other organisational focus areas of the German public service broadcaster (ARD).

2.1) Publication LanguageGerman
2.2) Type & Structure

- introduction
- criteria for quality

- information
- culture
- education, knowledge and mentoring
- Entertainment
- Children, Youth, Family
- regional competence
- integration and participation of people with a disability
- migration and integration
- seperation of programming and advertisement
- digital perspectives
Interesting for MEDIVA is chapter on "migration and integration"

2.3) Original Research or Not

No empirical research

3.1) Main Issues

Objectives for 2011/ 2012:

- To represent the reality of the German Integration Society in all areas of programming
- To present the every-day-life of people with migrantion backround or history as normality of the soceity and to communicate the chances of this culturally versatile society without turning a blind eye to its problems and risks
- To reflect the demographic, ethnical and cultural changes of German society in the ARD programming
- To follow and report on the German debate on integration and to offer a variety of in-depth information and specialised programming

Staff policy/ recruitment:
- To reflect the reality of the society and take account for the various groups in society
- To involve people with migration background as presenters and actors
- Statement: Journalist with a migration background can propose their very own perspective to news coverage
and can thereby support a realistic representation of developments in society in the ARD - not only in relation to integration specific topics but also as actors in all other journalistic sectors.

- The CIVIC media foundation of the ARD introduced a CIVIC academy for training and development to sensitise young journalists and absolvents for the area of integration and cultural diversity.
- Extended media research/ implementation of a nationwide media study on the media consuption of people with migrant backgrounds

3.2) Media

ARD TV, online (radio)

4.1) Relevance

Highly relevant. Very inetersting to see the objectives the main German public broadcaster is proposing, especially in relation to the National Integration Plan that the German Government and its section on media and integration that was introduced in 2007.

Keywordsdiversity, diversity policies, diversity practices, Germany, guidelines/ manuals, migrants' integration, recruitment, training
TagsPublic Service Broadcasting, objectives for integration of migrants, training, representation, staffing, reflection of society